We Need Your Help

We truly believe that word of mouth advertising, social networking, and blogging is the best form of advertising when you have a product that stands out and is highly valued by your consumer base.

In order to keep our costs low we decided to opt out of having a huge advertising budget which would significantly increase our overhead and in turn increase the costs of our products.  So, if you are truly happy with our products and would like to help us spread the word there are a number of ways you can help…

  • Link to www.GiniRigs.com in blogs, forums, twitter, and Facebook
  • Google us
  • “Like” us on Facebook
  • Chat about us in forums
  • Blog about our rigs and tell people how awesome they are!
  • Create a video of our products and post them on youtube.com or vimeo.com
  • Tell your buddies about Gini Rigs
  • Sign up for our Affiliate Program and become a sales partner

We greatly appreciate your support and with your help we can keep innovating new Gini Rigs products to suit your needs.  Thank you all and happy shooting.