Xcam Sabre Camera Stabilizer


Xcam Sabre is a revolutionary mini camera stabilizer that is super easy to use and gives you professional video footage.  The Xcam Sabre is a hassle free camera stabilizer that needs no batteries, no charging, has no motors, sets up in 4 minutes or less, and packs fast and light.  Its the perfect stabilizer for journalists and traveling.

It’s made from high quality carbon fiber, aluminum, and stainless steel parts.  The innovative Xcam Sabres compact design allows you to effortlessly store and carry the unit while only weighing in at only 680g.

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New Balancing Technology
Balancing the Xcam Sabre has never been easier. We’ve simplified the process so you can balance your Xcam Sabre in under 4 minutes.

Quick Release System
The Xcam Sabre comes equipped with a fully adjustable quick release system for precise weight adjustments for just about any camera. The CNC machined aluminum quick release system gives you the flexibility and accuracy you need when switching out cameras on the go. The Xcam Sabre also features a highly secure lock which eliminates any slipping during use. The Xcam Sabre has a marked sliding baseplate so you know exactly where your camera needs to be for quick and easy setups. The baseplate has 3 rows of 1/4-20″ holes and can balance off-centered cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II. The Xcam Sabre also has a non-slip pad to prevent your camera from unwanted movement.

The baseplate is also compatible with the MonoCam CF Pro.

Compact Design & Light Weight
The Xcam Sabre has a folding and telescoping design which allows you to quickly and effortlessly store and carry the unit. Without the weight stacks the Xcam Sabre weighs in at only 680g. The height of the Xcam Sabre is only 29cm in its most compact setting.

The Xcam Sabre comes in black.