Ultra Core Support System + Free 2 Axis Spring Arm

$1,499.00 $699.00

The Ultra Core Support System is specially designed for 3-Axis Gimbals, DSLR Rigs, and cages. Designed to reduce the static load and transfers the weight from your neck, shoulders, and arms to your core giving you longer shooting times and less fatigue for more steady shots.

Recommended max load is 3-10kg setups.

***Special Event FREE Ultra Core Spring Arm***

Watch the unpacking and 10kg weight test video above.

Get a FREE Ultra Core Spring Arm ($799 Value) when you purchase a Ultra Core Support System.

The Ultra Core Spring Arm stabilizes vibrations and motion errors on the vertical axis that comes from walking or running with the rig. It also stabilizes side to side errors in the same scenarios by counter pivoting around it’s center axis.

Ultra Core Spring Arm can take rigs between 1-10 kg, and you can easily fine tune the spring tension without a tool. It works really well for 3 axis gimbals like the Freefly Mövi, MOZA, B-steady or most other gimbal rigs and cages.

•Stabilize the Y-axis

•Dampen side to side motion

•Flexible weight range


The Ultra Core Support System is made from high quality breathable fabric and ventilated soft padding. It comes complete with a sturdy support spine thats integrated into the main frame. Made also from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in matte black for long lasting life.

Ultra Core Dampening System
Unlike many other gimbal support systems the Ultra Core Support System has extra dampening systems built in to maximize balance and to further dampen bumps and vertical movement. It also helps distribute more of the weight to your core for extra comfort.

Ultra Core Tension System
The Ultra Core Support System can simply adjust the cable tension by rotating the built in tension knob for the perfect resistance.

Ultra Core Support System Hook Mounting
3-Axis Gimbals, DSLR Rigs, and cages can be easily mounted on the Ultra Core Support Hook Mounting system by using the spring loaded adjustment lever. The fully adjustable lever can be height adjusted also pulled forward or backward to accommodate for the distance between the camera and operator.

Ultra Core Support System Bag
The unit comes with a customized bag for easy packing and mobility.

***Special Event FREE Ultra Core Spring Arm***

How does Ultra Core Spring Arm mount?
Ultra Core Spring Arm mounts at the very end of the Ultra Core Support System, and the string is routed upwards and through Ultra Core Spring Arm instead of the normal way straight down from the tip of the Ultra Core Support System.

High Quality Materials
The Ultra Core Spring Arm is made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum for long lasting use. It’s also beautifully anodized in a matte black finish. Every part of this unit is precisely engineered with high grade bearings for ultra smooth feedback.

Ultra Core Spring Arm Tech specs

•Weight: 1066 g
•Weight range: 1 – 10 kg
•Material: Aluminum, spring in stainless steel
•Reactive at both slow and fast walking/running sequences with push/pull forces of 800 – 1200 g depending on the camera load and gimbal total weight.
•One knob adjustment that will take the arm from 1 to 10 kg. The adjustment is tool free and on the fly.

What’s in the box?
•1 x Ultra Core Support System
•1 x Ultra Core Spring Arm
•1 x Tension Spring
•1 x Hook Mount
•1 x Mount
•1 x Cord
•1 x Shock Cord