K500 Steadicam Stabilizer


Special Introductory price on the K500 Stabilizer!
The easy to use DSLR stabilizer is a great way to get professional looking footage for a fraction of the cost.  It’s made from high quality Carbon Fiber and CNC machined aluminum.  It’s anodized in black to give it a beautifully long lasting finish.

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The K500 True Balance Technology
Balancing the K500 has never been easier.  It comes equipped with 9 weight discs which stack perfectly onto the fully adjustable sled.  The hollowed sled design reduces the unnecessary weight, and re-distributes it where it matters the most.  Both sides of the sled extend out to expand and adjust the weight distribution and balance based on your configurations.

Adjustable Carbon Fiber Post
The super strong and extra light carbon fiber post is built to last.  The post extends from 43cm to 65cm fully extended.  It’s built from a high grade carbon fiber material which is light enough so you can fly for longer periods without fatigue.

High Precision Gimbal
The Precision Gimbal is CNC Machined from the highest grade aluminum to give you the smooth and well balanced moves.  The gimbal also fits on the X4 Flight Series vest for even longer shooting times and virtually no fatigue.  The gimbal comes with a slip resistant foam grip.

Extra Large Platform
The 18 x 10.5cm platform has multiple mounting options to give you precise weight balance when mounting your camera.  It comes fully equipped with Left to Right adjustable rolling knobs, and a Front to Back Knob for perfect balancing.  Once its ready just lock it up and go.  It’ll fit most all full frame DSLR and smaller cameras.  Recommended Max Loading weight is 3kg.