Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount

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The Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount is a professional suction mount kit that is designed to mount your camera to the outside or inside of any vehicle or on any non porous surface.  It’s a very compact and quick tool-less suction mount which gives you the freedom to get just about any angled shot.  Works with most DSLR cameras with a 1/4″ mount with a max load of up to 8kg static, and up to 5kg while moving.  It’s perfect for multiple camera setups at different angles.

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Super Secure Suction Mounts
The double suction Mount System has a powerful mechanism that distributes the weight of the camera, and gives the camera balance while shooting minimizing the “shake” that can be triggered by a moving vehicle or wind resistance. Constructed of high quality materials the unit is built to last and safely secure your camera.

Professional Quality Footage
The Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount was specifically designed to support the camera from a ball mount to minimize the vibrations and shaking of a the camera giving you a professional looking shot.

Durable Construction
The Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount is constructed from high grade aluminum, ABS plastic, and rubber. It’s light enough to carry and strong enough to safely secure your equipment.

The Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount comes with the following:
Ginirigs Quick Suction Mount
1/4″ Mount


  • Made of Polyamide 66
  • Camera mounting screw 1/4″
  • Works with most DSLR cameras with a max load of up to 8kg static, and up to 5kg while moving.


Professional grade Suction Mount

Lightweight suction cups

Quick & Easy Setup

Compact Profile

Dust cover for suction cup’s protection

Weather-proof construction materials

Great for outdoor use

We recommend taking extra precautions when mounting your camera equipment to non-stationary vehicles. Using extra safety straps to anchor your camera is highly recommended. Ginirigs is not responsible for any damages made while using this product.