Feiyu-Tech MG 3-Axis Gimbal

$1,105.00 $850.00


The New Breakthrough
The Feiyu-Tech MG 3-axis handheld gimbal designed especially for micro and mirror-less cameras. The clean design integrates multi operation functionality. And it’s easy to switch configurations for different shooting situations.
The max load is 1070g for the Feiyu-Tech MG 3-axis handheld gimbal.
The New Breakthrough
Pan, Tilt and Roll 360° degrees.
No More Wires
The Feiyu-Tech MG is ergonomically designed to give you the maximum comfort while shooting.  Allowing you to reach almost any camera angle without worrying about loose wires.
Customized Multi Modes
You can shoot your scenes in multiple ways with the New Feiyu-Tech MG 3-Axis Gimbal.  Shoot run n gun for low angles, two hands, inverted, or single handed.  The unit is easy to setup and super easy to use.
Advanced Power Supply Module
The clean and simple to use intedgrated 4-directional joystick is integrated into the handle with a power on/off button.
Integrative Handle
The handle is designed with thread for extending the length so you can add more length with optional extension bars.
Quick dismantling, no parameters to adjust
New Fast Mounting System allows you mount and dismount cameras fast and easy.
High Precision Manufacturing
Utilizing a high precision manufacturing process for a high quality finish.
The Evolving Core Technology
The Feiyu-Tech MG has been in development for the past 3 years.
2.4G Wireless Remote Control
The 2.4G wireless remote control allows you to control the gimbal at a range of 15m.
More Compatability
Feiyu-Tech MG 3-axis handheld gimbal can hold a max load of 1070g.  It is compatible with SONY NEX-5N / NEX-7 and other cameras in N series, SONY A7RII, SONY A7S, SONY A7SII, ILCE-7R, ILCE-5100, Panasonic LUMIX GH4 and other micro-cameras with similar weight and size.
Less Weight
The Feiyu-Tech MG 3 Axis Gimbal weighs in at only 821g.