D-L60 Steadicam

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The D-L60 DSW Steadicam System consists of the D-L60 DSW Steadicam + VestD-L60 Stabilizer. It’s the lightest, most compact, and responsive steadicam stabilizer system for filmmakers.

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The Vest
The BSW Vest features a CNC Machined high-grade aluminum lockable chest plate as the core. The Vest is ultra light, easy to use, and very comfortable. Setup is a snap literally. The vest features large polyester easy-snap in buckles which are height and width adjustable to give you a snug fit to minimize unwanted movement. The chest plate has a powder coated anodize which gives it long lasting durability.

The BSW Vest is made from machine washable materials that allow your skin to breath while still being light, flexible, and snug. We outfitted the unit with Heavy duty Velcro straps and Side Release Buckles which allow you to quickly adjust the fit according to your body type. If your build is bigger than average we’ve got you covered. We also have extension belts to extend the coverage of the vest if you need it. You’ll be up and flying in no time.

Stedicam Lightweight Dampening Arms
Made from high-grade aluminum magnesium alloy and anodized in black for longevity and durability.  The specially engineered suspension angle makes allows you to control the camera movement with precision.  The Steadicam lightweight dampening arms allows the user to shoot effortlessly without strain and fatigue for long shoots. The arm dynamically distributes the weight from the camera, lens, and stabilizer making camera setups up to 5.5kg feel virtually weightless.
Quick Release Adjustable Baseplate
Fine tuning the BSW steadicam balance is super easy and very precise.  The baseplate comes marked so you can record the positions for each shot.  Simply turn the knobs to adjust left, right, front, and back.  Lock the unit and you are ready to roll.
Adjustable Carbon Fiber Post
The super strong and extra light carbon fiber post is built to last.  It’s built from a high grade carbon fiber material which is light enough so you can fly for longer periods without fatigue.
High Precision Gimbal
The Precision Gimbal is CNC Machined from the highest grade aluminum to give you the smooth and well balanced moves.  The gimbal comes with a slip resistant foam grip.
The Counter Balance Carriage
The steadicam can be extended to 104cm which gives you more balance for heavier setups.  The steel frame structure comes with stackable weights for optimal balance and precision.
What’s In The Box
That’s right…we’re even throwing in a FREE Carrying Case. These custom cases are made specifically to carry the compact BSW Steadicam. You’ll have all your gear ready to go for all your projects.
1 x BSW Vest
1 x BSW D-L60 Steadicam Spring Arm
1 x BSW D-L60 Steadicam Stabilizer
8 x Counterweights
Knobs and Fasteners