Array Trans

$780.00 $599.00

If you want this:

  • 80m effective transmission range
  • No obstacles in transmission
  • Fixed Shot


Array Trans can help you:

  • Zero latency transmission
  • Uncompressed and lossless image (60 GHZ millimeter transmission technology)
  • Support up to 1080p 60HZ




Fixed Wireless Streaming Sports EventsHD-Video-Transmission-Aputure-Array-Trans 

Array Trans can be used in multi camera events where cables are hard to setup, it can easily wirelessly transform image and video in a fixed position within a 80m range.  The 60GHZ millimeter transmission technology allows you to string several sets of Aputure Array Transmitters to avoid signal interference.  With the Array Trans you can reliably stream live onto a large screen.

Wireless Live Stream on a Big ScreenTransmission-Aputure-Array-Trans-HD-Video

Aputure Array Trans can wirelessly onto Big Screens without having to use unreliable cables which cost tons of money and time to setup.  The Zero Latency transmission gives you optimal transmission of images and video from computers and cameras with very little setup.

Use with a Cable CamTrans-HD-Video-Transmission-Array-Aputure

HD video transmission has never been easier on cable cams.  Just mount the transmitter with a gyro and receiver.  The 60GHZ millimeter transmission technology allows the Aputure Array Trans to transmit better images than most standard built-in camera functions.

Real-Time Transmitting in Various Shooting EnvironmentsAputure-Video-Transmission-Array-Trans-HD

The Aputure Array Trans has extremely low power consumption of 2w.  It hosts a number of ways to utilize other power supplies which makes it very convenient for various environments and shooting situations.

Easy setup on Camera CranesAputure-Trans-HD-Video-Array-Transmission

By eliminating the need for long messy cables the Aputure Array Trans is super easy to use and setup wireless monitors when using cranes.