A Matte box allows you to manipulate the light coming into the lens by using ND filters also known as Neutral-Density filters. The filter reduces or modifies the intensity of all wavelengths, or colors of light equally, giving no changes in hue or color rendition. A Matte Box and ND filter setup allows you to then use combinations of aperture; exposure time and sensor sensitivity that would otherwise produce overexposed images. This allows the operator to manipulate the Depth of Field to give you a different look and feel. Ultimately, you’ll end up with the best quality footage while getting very specific image effects before you go into post production.

Matte Boxes also block the sun or other light sources to prevent glare and lens flare. They are fully adjustable to give you flexibility in using different sized camera bodies, lenses, and rigs. When used properly can dramatically increase the production value of your videos by giving you a more cinematic look and feel to your footage.

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