If you’re kinda like us you probably get that warm queezy feeling in your stomach whenever you think about your DSLR.  In fact, you probably sit at work all day dreaming of scenes, shots, technique, and even how you’re going to make it all happen.  Maybe you even brag about your DSLR, lenses, and all your gadgets you have in your ever expanding camera bag as if it were your children.  Heck, you probably love it more than your wife, kids, family, car, house, and maybe even your dog.  Well, here at Gini Rigs we call this love.  And with this love we expect only the best for our most coveted cameras.

Switch it up.
We understand that specific shots need very specific setups.  We also know that we’re all built a little differently.  Our highly customizable modular DSLR rig systems allow for very specific modifications, adjustments, and tweaks so you can get the perfect shot.

Nice and easy.
Any seasoned DP knows that it takes time and energy to get the right shots.  One of our top priorities at Gini Rigs is to design our high quality DSLR rigs to be ergonomically correct to create less physical strain so you can shoot longer.

Tough Cookie.
Gini Rigs are made from the highest grade materials to give you longevity on your investment.
All parts are rigorously tested and constructed by master machinists using CNC machines.

Don’t break the bank.
Our passion for filmmaking has allowed us to create the most affordable DSLR rigs on the market.  We take pride in knowing that your creativity isn’t limited to how much cash you have in your pockets. Our inspiration to build the best DSLR rigs comes from your creative expressions, and we will continue to do our best to make Gini Rigs affordable so you can shoot your dreams.

We would personally like to thank all of our customers and forums around the world for supporting Gini Rigs.  We recognize that our success comes from your support and we will continue to produce affordable high quality products as long as you keep wanting them.

Thank you for considering Gini Rigs.

– Gini Rigs Team