A DSLR Rig is one of the most essential components used in shooting professional looking videos and films when using DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras. The last thing you want is wobbly footage that can ruin your project. For example…have you ever had to sit through a video that gave you a splitting headache as you tried to follow what was going on in the picture? A Good DSLR Rig can help you get rid of that amateur camera work and allow you to have complete control of your DSLR movement while keeping the picture in focus. A DSLR Rig allows you to add the necessary extra weight to your camera to increase stabilization so it doesn’t shake and fidget like video cameras that are hand held. They also add more points of contact to establish a firm foundation for more stability. A DSLR Rig can be used while mounted on a tripod, used as a shoulder rig, standing still, or even if you’re running with it using a top handle also known as Run n’ Gun. Basically, they’ll help in creating a smooth and natural motion to capture a thought, emotion, or an action in your footage.

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