A good DSLR Cage does a number of things. A cage extends the capabilities of the camera while still giving you access to all the necessary auxiliary points, batteries, and functions of the camera. A camera cage also ads extra weight, which helps in balancing the camera and reduces unwanted bumps, and unbearably shaky footage. The last thing a cage does is it gives you nice and firm contact points from the camera to your body. A camera cage supports a DSLR so that it can be held establishing more points of contact between the camera and the videographers body. Typically a cage will give 1-3 solid points of contact…as the number of points increase the stability of the camera or shot increases. A DSLR cage uses handles, follow focus, and top handles to establish these crucial contact points. A good DSLR Cage also gives you versatility in your shot such as low Run n’ Gun shots which is difficult to pull off with other camera stabilization equipment.

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